How to Change the Temperature in your American Fridge Freezer

If you’ve recently bought a best American Fridge Freezer for yourself then setting your fridge freezer to the appropriate and required temperature is very important.

fridge temperature

Because, if you set it too low your unit will eat up to 25% more energy and vice versa. Sometimes, if your fridge temperature does not match what you are feeling it might be the thermostat that blew out. We’ve covered that too, so give it a check.

Changing the temperature according to what it requires is very necessary not only to save energy but to keep your food clean and fresh. You can clean the could and stuff to keep the temperature about right but still you’ll have to tweak around in order to be on a safer side.

Use a Digital Thermometer:

Place a digital thermometer into the fridge freezer, place it right in the middle so the air is spread out evenly. Give the thermometer around 20 minutes in order for it to read the temperature correctly. Of course, you’ve got to keep the door closed.

This technique will help the thermometer to read the exact temperature of the fridge. The ideal temperature is around 37-40 degrees and 4-5 degrees for a freezer.

Adjust Settings as desired:

Some of the fridges don’t have the exact settings that coordinate the temperature. Although you can use a scale system which ranges from 1-10.

Based on the right temperature for your contents, adjust the the settings and follow the first step yet again. Place the thermometer in the middle and leave it for 20 minutes.

Check the Thermometer:

Repeat the process over again if you’re not able to find the right spot for the temperature to settle down. It may take time but you’ll get the desired temperature in a while.

Reset the Temperature Using Dial:

After following the above instructions, you can experiment different temps on your fridge freezer. A dial usually comes with a preset which shows an arrow that is pointed towards the center. It comes with the words engraved ‘cooler’ and ‘warmer’.

You might have gotten the picture. There are series of stages in between the two feature steps which you can experiment over and over again in order to reach your desired temperature.

After you’ve finally found the desired setting, make sure to mark something over there with a help of permanent marker. In case if someone mistakenly changes the setting you wouldn’t have to follow the procedure entirely.

Verify the Temperature every 4 months :

Having the temperature of your fridge freezer set every 4-5 months is very important. This will help you have an efficient supply and can help you take full advantage of your American fridge freezer.

How to Set Temperature on Fridge Freezer With Display:

Nowadays, there’s a lot of innovation that happens around the world. Most of the fridge freezers come with a display and many people have adapted to that. However, some of them are yet to figure out how one should set the temperature of their fridge freezer via the display. Things to keep in mind are the following :

The ‘maximum’ setting is ideal after a big shop, when you need to cool items down quickly, or on a hot summer day

The ‘minimum’ setting is ideal for colder months, or if you go on holiday as the door won’t be opened regularly; helping you to save energy

Some fridge freezer models have a 0 setting which will switch the cooling system off completely

If you have a fridge freezer with a digital display, you can adjust the temperature at the touch of a button average temperature inside the fridge to be around 4°C to 5°C and the freezer temperature to be around -18°C.

If for some reasons your display is not responsive you can follow these steps to get it live again :

Hold down the “Energy Saving” and “Lighting” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds (or top left & right buttons). Your display panel should immediately return to normal.

Press “Power Freeze” & “Power Cool” at the same time for 10 seconds and the display should reset and come back on.

Hold the top left and top right soft touch buttons on the screen “power save” and “lighting” button and hold both buttons for about 8 seconds and it will reset.

Press the “Freezer” and “Ref” buttons at the same time for 8 seconds and the reset should work.

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