Microsoft Removes the ‘Notch’


Image Credit – CKAB

Are you a gaming freak right from your childhood? If yes, you would have indeed played Minecraft quite often. But, do you know who created this game? It was from Marcus Persson.

Minecraft’s Creation

Marcus Persson, also known as Notch, created the sandbox video game Minecraft ten years back. It was released in the year 2011, by Mojang.
Minecraft allows the player to build with a variety of different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world.

Other activities in the game include exploration, resource collecting, crafting, and combat. In other words, this game allows its players to discover limitless ways of playing and creating things one can imagine. In this game, you also can build anything you think of, explore your unique world and interact with various other creatures.

took the world by storm with the help of its open-ended design. Since its release, it has attracted over 91 million active players of all age groups from almost every country in the world. After Tetris, this is reportedly the second best video game.

Acquisition of Minecraft

Microsoft is no guest to purchases. The company has acquired assets like LinkedIn and Skype. However, in its history of investments, the decision of obtaining Minecraft and its developer Mojang for $2.5 billion is the one that stands out.

While doing so in 2014, they only did see the vast potential. However, what it failed to see were the controversial tweets that were to come from ‘Notch’ and the founder of Minecraft developer Mojang.

The ‘Notch’ Controversy

While Notch left the company after the Minecraft deal, his tweets continued to upset and divide the fans of his popular game Minecraft. Persson, a polarizing figure on Twitter, is no stranger to controversy. He tweeted transphobic comments on some occasions like International Women’s Day.
Persson’s provoking tweets are not at all comfortable because Minecraft is a child-friendly game. The basic version of Minecraft carries an E10+ age rating in the USA whereas, it is considered suitable for children aged seven and upwards in Europe. It can be misleading for the Minecraft players who are too young to understand these.
Jokes have long been made about Notch. However, instead of being quiet and enjoying his billion dollar likes to put other people down and express his ideas of white male supremacy. He somehow manages to hold a vocal group of supporters who share his views, but many Minecraft fans out there wish he would go away.

Recent Update removes the ‘Notch.’

Given the controversy surrounding Persson, coupled with the fact that he presently has no real involvement in the latest developments to the title, it is easy to understand that Microsoft was looking to distance itself from Persson.

On opening Minecraft’s screen, a yellow text pops up. The text would display random messages, some of which read “Made by Notch” or “The Work Of Notch.”

The latest Minecraft APK update to hit the Java version of the game has removed the references of Notch from the yellow texts. This change was pointed out by a Twitter user last month. However, Persson is still referred to as the game’s creator in Minecraft’s credits. But as the game develops further, Microsoft will hopefully consider leaving the man behind as he has been involved in putting down people and holding the torch of white male supremacy.

The fans of Minecraft, who are not such great fans of Notch because of this racist, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic comments on Twitter, expressed their happiness about this distancing of Minecraft from Notch.

Microsoft has turned Minecraft into more of a behemoth by entirely taking over the development and licensing of the game whereas notch has not had a hand in the game for years. Some of the Minecraft players who enjoy the game still regret playing a game made by someone like Notch, who has routinely espoused hate and intolerance online.