How do I log into my Mi account?

If you own any Xiaomi product you must be familiar with Mi account and its features. Mi account is a service provided by Xiaomi Inc. whenever you buy a new Xiaomi phone you need to log in or register for a new Mi account. Mi account provides a lot of useful features and thus it is recommended to use Mi account if you own a Mi device.

Features of Mi account

Mi accounts are just like google accounts but by Xiaomi. Mi devices use Mi accounts for providing additional features and services to the users. All the features that you get with a Mi account are

  • Sync your photos, contacts, call history and messages across all your devices with the cloud.
  • Access things you sync or find your Mi device from any browser at
  • Choose from hundreds of unique themes for your Mi Device in the MIUI Theme Store.
  • Suggest new features, post feedback, and report bugs on the official MIUI forum at

How to login Mi account?

You can use the Mi account either on Xiaomi’s websites or your Mi device. Whenever you buy a new Mi device you need to log in or create a new Mi account as it is part of the setup process. In this article, we will talk about how to login to Mi account both on Websites and your Mi device.

Login in Xiaomi website

Mi account is necessary if you want to avail all the features and offers on Xiaomi’s website. Using the Mi account you can buy products from the Mi store, you can also suggest new features, post feedback and report bugs to the official developer team of Xiaomi. You also need the Mi account to post on Mi forums.

To login on Xiaomi’s website using the Mi account you just need to follow the below-given steps.

  • Open your browser and go to the following link
  • Once the page loads, you will see a sign-in form from where you can sign in to your Mi account.
  • You can use your mobile number or your email address to sign in your Mi account.
  • If you want to use your mobile number then enter the mobile number used to create the Mi account along with the country code and click on get verification code. Once you get the verification code, enter it in the field and click the sign-in button.
  • If you want to use the email address to login then click on the “Sign in with password” link and then enter your email address. Now you can enter your password and click the submit button.

Using Google/Facebook login

  • You can also use your Facebook or Google account to login to Xiaomi’s website. Use this option if you don’t already have an active Mi account and want to login to the website. To login using your Facebook / Google account just follow the below-given steps
  • Open your browser and go to the following link
  • Now click on the Facebook or Google icon present below the sign-in button.
  • Once you click on any of those two icons a new window will open in the browser which will redirect you to Facebook or Google login page where you need to login to your Facebook or Google account if not already logged in.
  • Once you successfully log in the page will automatically redirect you to Xiaomi’s website.
  • If you are using Facebook / Google to login to Xiaomi’s website for the first time you will need to set your password, recovery email and recovery phone number on the opened window.
  • Once that is done you are successfully logged in and are free to enjoy Xiaomi’s services.

Login in Mi devices

If you own a Mi device or are planning to buy one, you might know that you also need to login to your Mi account during the initial setup. Login in the Mi account on any Mi device is a pretty straight forward process. If you accidentally logged out of your Mi account in your device then also you can very easily log into it. Sometimes you get locked out of your phone if you forget your Mi account password. In those cases, you can use mi account unlock tool crack to unlock your phone.

Setting up your Mi account for the first time

To set up your Mi device for the first time in your Mi mobile just follow the below-given steps

When you switch ON your Mi Mobile for the first time you will be presented with the choice of selecting default language. Choose the language that you are comfortable in.

  • Now on the next screen select your locale and then select your desired keyboard app for your mobile.
  • Now on the next screen, you will be presented an option to connect to a WiFi network. It is recommended to connect to a WiFi network for the setup process.
  • Once you are connected to internet press next and accept terms and conditions.
  • Now sign in to your google account.
  • Once the google account is set up, you will be presented with the screen to set up your Mi account.
  • Enter your mobile number or email address with which you already have a Mi account.
  • Enter the password and agree to terms and conditions and click on Sign in.
  • It will take some time to sync the data across your device.

Issues while signing in

Sometimes you may face some when signing in your Mi account. It can be due to multiple reasons such as

Your Mi account has been banned. Account ban can take place due to various reasons such as

Violating Terms of Use

  • Your account may have been used in ways that violate our Terms of Use (e.g. posting advertisements). As a result, we may have temporarily suspended your account.
  • Wait 24 hours and try signing in again

Too many sign-in attempts

  • If someone repeatedly enters an incorrect password while trying to sign in to your account, we may temporarily
  • lock the account to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Wait an hour and try signing in again

Can’t receive verification SMS. this can happen due to these following reason

Your carrier thinks it’s spam

  • If you’ve reported similar messages as spam in the past, your carrier may be blocking the verification SMS.
  • Contact your carrier and make sure they’re not blocking the verification SMS.
  • Your phone thinks it’s spam
  • Your phone’s current blocklist settings may be preventing you from receiving the verification SMS.
  • Check your phone’s blocklist settings

You’ve exceeded the daily limit of SMS for your Mi Account

    • Every Mi Account is limited to 10 SMS per day. That is, we can’t send more than 10 SMS to your phone every day.
    • Wait 24 hours and try again.

Network issues

  • Because of network issues in your region, the SMS may take a bit longer to reach your phone.
  • Wait a minute or two and try again.


Setting up the Mi account is very easy if you follow the steps correctly. Xiaomi needs you to use your Mi account to avail full functionality of their services, so it always advised to log in to your Mi account when using any Xiaomi product.

How wallapop increase App Install Conversion rate?

Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market app for Android devices. It allows you to buy and sell exceptional items in your neighborhood. Moreover, Wallapop is available everywhere to download and use for entirely free of cost.

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You can make money and save money on exceptional items. Moreover, there are no delivery charges, wait times, misleading descriptions, time-consuming returns and much more. You can even find products according to the categories which include children, sports, electronics, smartphones, tablets and much more.

Strategies which will help you Increase App Install Conversion Rates for Wallapop!

Our strategy for increasing app install conversion rates for Wallapop is based on two overarching tests.

i) Focus on Redesigning the Product page.
ii) Focus on Optimising the winning store.

1. Focus on Redesigning the Product Page based on Best Practices within the e-Commerce Industry

Well, the goal of our first test is to get a quick win by completely redesigning Wallapop’s App Store Product page based on best practices.

Test 1:- Hypothesis

You can increase App Install Conversion rates by redesigning Wallapop’s first impression frame by four best practices.

i) Lifestyle & Feature-Oriented Design Strategy

Screenshots are the most impactful asset in an App Store Product page, and here we’ve classified screenshots into three overarching types, and these are- feature-oriented, lifestyle-oriented, as well as art-oriented.

Also, we have conveyed the app utility and raise interest as we have decided to utilize a hybrid design or lifestyle and feature-oriented aspects.

ii) Screenshot Captions

This test shows that the visitors do not spend a lot of time or effort in attempting to understand app screenshots fully. One more way to make screenshots more quickly intelligible, and enhance the odds that visitors absorb the messaging, is via adding short and precise captions.

iii) Panoramic Gallery

A panoramic screenshot gallery is often used to encourage users to scroll through the Gallery set. Panoramic galleries basically arouse concern as the visitors generally want to see the ‘entire’ image.

We decided to utilize panoramic Gallery images for the first two screenshots to create a holistic First Impression Frame that encouraged Gallery engagement.

iv) Branded Elements

One of the most crucial factors in App Marketing is designing marketing assets which speak the same language as a company’s brand. Now, to achieve this by you have to incorporate a brand’s logo and colors from a brand’s palette.

Test 2: Increase Exploration Rate and Optimise Gallery Conversion Rate

The second test was to optimize Wallapop’s App Store Product Page by implementing insights from the test while testing new messaging. More specifically, you have seen in experiment 1 that we were highly successful at converting Exploring Visitors. So here we have increased the exploration rate to convert more exploring visitors.


i) “Chat” Variation: Characterise app utility for the buyer by lifestyle-oriented screenshots will automatically increase your Gallery scroll as well as Decisive CVR.

ii) “Product Collage” Variation: Depicting app utility for both buyers as well as sellers by portraying inventory variety will enhance your Gallery scroll as well as Decisive CVR.

Results of Text 2

The Chat Variation will create the best First Impression in all the metrics, which lifts off the Decisive Install Rate by 12%. Moreover, you will get the hype of 2% in Exploration Rate, and you’ll get Explorer Install Rate by 14%.

Apart from this, if you’re using iPhone 5 & iPhone 4, you know that the screen frames are quite smaller which can cut out the parts of the First Impression Frame. The messaging in the First Impression Frame for the Chat Variation as well as the Product Collage Variation were not affected or harmed by the smaller screens; however, messaging in the First Impression Frame for the Control Variation was distributed.

Here are the changes which you can see to the First Impression Frame for the Control Variation on small screens are as follows:-

● The brand is not Visible at all.
● Application functionality is not precise, as both of the captions that explain it are pushed outside of the First Impression Frame.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, ASO or App Store Optimisation is a never-ending process. In this article we covered the essential points you need to take care of when designing and implementing an ASO strategy for your mobile app or game.

In the test, we have seen that keyword optimization is essential. So, always try to conduct in-depth research, come up with an extensive list of keywords. Moreover, you have to take care of the visual assets and the videos, as they play a significant role in the Conversion Rate to Install. Try to stay close to your customers and provide them the best in-app experience if you want them to leave positive feedbacks.

Does the above guide helpful? Now, if you still have any queries or suggestions then do enlighten them in the comment section.