ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system on Kickstarter

You may remember my previous review of the ONEmicro wireless portable DECT speakers, they use DECT technology to ensure perfect timing between left and right audio signals over a wireless transmission.

For lovers of surround sound and multiple speaker setups, a new ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system Kickstarter project has today been launched (10/01/2017).

By using their proprietary DECT based encoding and transmission systems ONEaudio are able to provide a truly wireless 5.1 speaker setup.

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system hifi-audio

ONEaudio say that with the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system they are able to fill a room up to 350sqft with dynamic 3d bass filled sound, this is thanks largely to the clear and correctly phased sound provided by the compact sized satellite speakers and the use of proprietary bass filling technique and their own twin driver 6″ ported subwoofer (also wireless).

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system onebox-micro-music-server

The other part that makes up the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system is a console box that acts as a sound server, using wifi for wireless CAS (computer as source) as well as connecting android and IOS devices wirelessly.

Using the consoles onboard storage capacity you should be able to store around 600 CD’s worth of music on the device as well as Hi-Res audio files to give an even better sound to your music.

If you require more storage for your music collection you can simply plug in a USB stick, adding a cheap additional source of storage.

The console also has standard NAS functions built in to the box, supporting local and network access.

Hopefully with the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system, ONEaudio will be able to produce a setup that works as easily and as well as their previous speakers did, I loved the ease of connection as well as the speakers amazing phased sound output, not to mention the portability afforded to them by their great battery life.

The best part for me is that I will be able to use my existing ONEmicro speakers in the setup, which should hopefully allow me to save money on the full setup.

I look forward to getting a chance to sample them first hand in the not to distant future, for now you can read the press release below and check out the Kickstarter campaign.

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system ces-innovation-award-and-dect-award-innovation

If the full ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system kit is as good as the speakers they will surely be on to another winner! and given the fact they have now won awards at CES and DECT for the technology my hopes are set very high.

You can read the full press release below and check out the Kickstarter campaign here

ONEaudio To Launch Kickstarter Campaign For The world’s only TRUE wireless surround No speaker cable, no power cord, ONEmicro surround turns your room into your personal theatre ONEaudio, developers of the new generation of wireless audio, recently announced that they are going to launch their Kickstarter campaign on 10th Jan 2017 of the world’s only TRUE wireless surround sound speaker with a small size yet big sound.

Currently, the so-called “5.1 wireless speakers” always need at least one wire to operate. True wireless theater speakers have always been a dream, until now. Using award winning DECT technology, ONEaudio has been able to remove all the cables in ONEmicro surround, for a full 3D surround sound with a simple setup.

The ONEaudio speakers have a small size but have the ability to deliver powerful sound. ONEmicro is wireless and compact size, perfect for any room of the house. Due to ONEaudio’s proprietary bass-filling technique and twin driver subwoofer, the satellite speaker ONEmicro can generate big 3D sound covering up to a 350 square feet living room.

ONEmicro is the smallest speaker in the ONEaudio series that has been widely reviewed and acknowledged for its full-bodied vocal, crystal clear sound, excellent sound imaging, and solid bass. The clear and accurately produced sound is similar to listening a live performance. Before the ONEaudio’s DECT technology, no available technology has been able to provide both ultra-low power consumption and synchronized multi-channel transmission from source to satellite speakers.

Only DECT can fulfill these two requirements. ONEsurround has got CES Innovation Award and DECT Award Innovation. The console box in surround system is also a music server, ONEaudio has adopted WiFi for wireless CAS (Computer As Source), connecting an iPhone or Android phone to the console box. Without messy cables, the speaker system can be simply set up and tidied up in a minute, due to the compact console box and wireless speakers combination.

Less time setting up, more time enjoying. The console also has 600 CDs storage and accepts Hi-Res audio files. It also supports both local and remote access, and standard NAS operation. The ONEaudio speakers can also be used outdoors because the speakers can be detached from the console box and the connection can be switched to the USB dongle making them perfect for a garden party, or when camping.