Best mid-range smartphones you can buy right now

With the smartphones having bigger batteries, they are now capable of providing a battery backup of-of several days. The M 20 from Samsung and redmi Note 7 Pro have a good amount of battery backup these days.

Here are some mid-range smartphones which are in the range of 10000 to 25000 rupees and if you are in this budget range then you can consider purchasing these phones or Better check out the more detailed list on 10 Best Phone under ₹15,000 in India by WpLov.

Mid range smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M20

Now that Samsung started releasing budget phones, it wants to get into the market of the phones with bigger batteries so that even the mid-range Samsung phones can provide a battery backup of-of several days. This phone has a 5000mAh battery and it provides at least 3 days of backup to a user who is average.

If the user is technical and has extensive use for the mobile phone, that user will get two days of battery backup. This phone has a 6.3-inch screen and this means that the user will be able to enjoy the movies and TV shows or any media that he watches. The chipset used is Exynos 7904 chipset. This is an 8 Core processor.

Xiaomi redmi Note 7 Pro

If you are willing to spend more than 10000 rupees on a phone, then this phone is for you. This has an eye-catching design and the back is made of glass Unlike the M20 by Samsung. This phone is available in nebular red color and Neptune blue color along with black color. The processor used in this phone is Snapdragon 675, this processor is an Octa-Core processor. Snapdragon is one of the top dogs in producing processes which are both quality and performance enhanced.

This phone is capable of handling almost all the games which are available in the Play Store. We know that the camera quality of the xiaomi phones is not that good but this phone consists of a 48-megapixel camera sensor + 5-megapixel camera sensor. It has a 4000mAh battery and can last a day and a half. UI and software are naturally good.

Huawei Nova 3i

Once more, this Smartphone has a glass back with a good finishing available and Iris for people as well as Black colors. The front has a notch design and the size of bezels have been made as small as possible. The processor used is the Kirin 710 Octa-Core processor with 4 GB RAM. It consists of 128 GB internal storage and also has a good amount of space for storing your media files.

If you are a mid-range buyer and you are interested in a good camera phone, this phone as one of the best cameras in the If you are a midrange buyer and you are interested in a good camera phone, this phone as one of the best cameras in the middle section of the phone.mid range is the section of the phone.

Conclusion: These are some of the best phones available in the mid range. We hope that this helped you select the phone of your choice. Make sure to check the official websites or WpLov for more detailed specifications. Have a great day.

NI electric bike riders ‘must have licenses’

If you are someone who is riding a bike in Northern Ireland without a licence then you might face a fine up to 1000 euros and this has been revealed by the department of infrastructure. Anyone who wants to own this bike in Northern Ireland must have a motorcycle Licence.

This is the only area in the UK where the law says that you need to have a licence but you can have electric bike anywhere else without a licence. The Assembly is not sitting and that is the reason the law is not changing. Therefore, if you want to own a electric bike in UK then you need to to make sure that your bike is insured, text, registered with the DVLA.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where electric bike owners need motorcycle licences
Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where electric bike owners need motorcycle licences

You will also need to wear a helmet to prevent disasters while crashing. If you do not comply with this law, the police told that you could be fined as well as get six penalty points. You could also be disqualified for riding a bicycle depending on the offence you have committed and depending on the judge as well.

All the bikes have small electric motors which can only travel distances between 40 to 60 miles and you can only go up to 15 miles per hour on an electric bike. If you are 14 years old then you can ride an electric bike anywhere in the UK but that by should meet a certain amount of Minimum requirements. You will not need a licence and not need to be registered, taxed or insured.

It was before 1995 that you had to have a licence, registration as well as pay taxes and get insurance because electrical bicycles were treated as mopeds. In 1995, the law was modified and the electrically assisted pedal bicycles were given exemption.

According to the department of infrastructure

The department was recently approached by Sustrans NI and the Bicycle Association of Great Britain seeking clarification of the legal requirements in NI.

“They were advised that EAPCs have never been exempted from licensing or registration requirements in NI and that those selling them here should highlight to any customers wishing to use these vehicles on public roads that they must register their vehicle through DVLA in Swansea.”

“Customers must also be made aware that they may have to pay vehicle excise duty and insure these vehicles.”

“Anyone found riding an EAPC in NI and not complying with one or more of the legal requirement could, theoretically, face a fine between £500 and £1,000 depending on the nature of the offence. However, no prosecutions have taken place.”

According to the police

until defined in law, an electric cycle should be regarded as a motor vehicle and hence requires insurance, tax, etc

The leader of the green party also agreed that the law was incredible and he said that bikes are closer to original bicycles than to motorcycles. He further said that he would be writing to the chief constable in order to apply the spirit of the law and the spirit of the law is not to prosecute people. He also so sad that this was something which could be sold if there was a functioning assembly and this is something which can be bought using the secondary legislation.

Conclusion: There are a good amount of laws and regulations in the UK but this is something which is not a trivial matter and should be handled because it could limit the citizens from using certain Technologies.We hope that matters reach a conclusion as soon as possible. Have a great day.

OYO looks to enter student housing and co-working

OYO hotels are trying to enter student housing, co-living and co-working segments that will help it expand its reach in the housing business in the country. These few parts of the housing business are very important as they are in very much demand in this populated country of India.

The Softbank companioned hospitality service chain plans to accommodate over 100,000 beds across the major cities of India by the end of the year of 2019. The firm currently operates around 13,000 beds in the selected cities of Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Bengaluru.

OYO is planning to target the students housing market

The CEO of OYO rooms, Rohit Kapoor told that they are looking to capture the majority of the co-living and student housing market in the country and they are living to find stable rental assets. Student housing is a very big business way for OYO ad there are over millions of students in the country of India who is looking for places to stay while they complete their education.

Student housing is a big topic in the housing accommodation market as India has a large population of students in the country. Students run the country in a way. With the growing population and condition of the current situation, there is going to be just a larger requirement for housing for students in the future. OYO targeting this area is not so bad after all because it is going to be a win-win situation. Students require very urgent accommodation.

Engineering, medical and some of the other major study courses can bring very good profit for OYO rooms. Accommodation near big colleges and other big areas where students can stay can be very important. Kota remains such a place because there are many students from many parts of the country that come there to take engineering entrance examination coaching. And these students require a place to stay. OYO can be of use here by accommodating these students with good places to stay and helping them find good paying guests and other accommodations. Student accommodation is a big market for OYO and jumping in it will benefit the company with great opportunities.

The rollout of student and co-living housing scheme will also see the OYO Life entering the metros and each of the segments having a maximum number of 250 beds that will be dependent on the demographics. The world accommodation markets stand at 160 million rooms and $3.6 trillion opportunities that are still growing at a very steady rate. They have captured only 1% of the larger pie and they are just scratching the surface.

That aside the company is planning to buy out the co-working innovator, Innov8. ET has recently reported that in January the firm is looking at an all-cash deal. This accusation that has been done will see OYO venture into the co-working space. The CEO has however refused to comment on the transaction.

A few months earlier this current year, it was announced that OYO will invest over Rs 1,400 crore or $200 million for the Indian and South Asian business, as it is a part of doubling their expansion plans across the country and business segments.

Globally the Gurgaon based firm is operating in over 18,000 franchised and leased hotel rooms and over 515,000 rooms. In the country of India, it is operating over 8,700 leased hotels and franchised hotels and over 173,000 rooms, with footprints in over 259 cities.

The concept of student housing is very non-existent in India. Although there are many cases of accommodation of students inside the campus facility is preferred but the accommodation of such falls short in the end.

OYO’s turnover and business through the year

According to the WpLov, OYO is targeting to accommodate a large number of beds by the end of the year.
OYO, which was founded by owner, Ritesh Agarwal, has raised over $1.5 billion over across the rounds and recently has closed $100 million from the ride-hailing foremost clutch in the latest tranche of its ongoing $1 billion funding round. This is a Gurgaon based Hospitality chain and has been expanding dramatically overseas, including in the country of China. The named season aviation executive Aditya Ghosh as its first CEO for India and South Asia in November.

OYO is one of the biggest brands in the market of room supplying. The company is expected to make several advances in the way towards its growth. While the CEO did not provide any specific statement towards where it is going to advance, there are many things that can be suspected to be happening soon. OYO life, which was launched approximately six months ago is expected to take over the $200 million budget.

OYO is rapidly expanding to success and because of the big business mind of the owner and the CEO, the company has been reaching new heights. The company is taking the right steps to good expansion and can reach further is it continues its growth.

How to Change the Temperature in your American Fridge Freezer

If you’ve recently bought a best American Fridge Freezer for yourself then setting your fridge freezer to the appropriate and required temperature is very important.

fridge temperature

Because, if you set it too low your unit will eat up to 25% more energy and vice versa. Sometimes, if your fridge temperature does not match what you are feeling it might be the thermostat that blew out. We’ve covered that too, so give it a check.

Changing the temperature according to what it requires is very necessary not only to save energy but to keep your food clean and fresh. You can clean the could and stuff to keep the temperature about right but still you’ll have to tweak around in order to be on a safer side.

Use a Digital Thermometer:

Place a digital thermometer into the fridge freezer, place it right in the middle so the air is spread out evenly. Give the thermometer around 20 minutes in order for it to read the temperature correctly. Of course, you’ve got to keep the door closed.

This technique will help the thermometer to read the exact temperature of the fridge. The ideal temperature is around 37-40 degrees and 4-5 degrees for a freezer.

Adjust Settings as desired:

Some of the fridges don’t have the exact settings that coordinate the temperature. Although you can use a scale system which ranges from 1-10.

Based on the right temperature for your contents, adjust the the settings and follow the first step yet again. Place the thermometer in the middle and leave it for 20 minutes.

Check the Thermometer:

Repeat the process over again if you’re not able to find the right spot for the temperature to settle down. It may take time but you’ll get the desired temperature in a while.

Reset the Temperature Using Dial:

After following the above instructions, you can experiment different temps on your fridge freezer. A dial usually comes with a preset which shows an arrow that is pointed towards the center. It comes with the words engraved ‘cooler’ and ‘warmer’.

You might have gotten the picture. There are series of stages in between the two feature steps which you can experiment over and over again in order to reach your desired temperature.

After you’ve finally found the desired setting, make sure to mark something over there with a help of permanent marker. In case if someone mistakenly changes the setting you wouldn’t have to follow the procedure entirely.

Verify the Temperature every 4 months :

Having the temperature of your fridge freezer set every 4-5 months is very important. This will help you have an efficient supply and can help you take full advantage of your American fridge freezer.

How to Set Temperature on Fridge Freezer With Display:

Nowadays, there’s a lot of innovation that happens around the world. Most of the fridge freezers come with a display and many people have adapted to that. However, some of them are yet to figure out how one should set the temperature of their fridge freezer via the display. Things to keep in mind are the following :

The ‘maximum’ setting is ideal after a big shop, when you need to cool items down quickly, or on a hot summer day

The ‘minimum’ setting is ideal for colder months, or if you go on holiday as the door won’t be opened regularly; helping you to save energy

Some fridge freezer models have a 0 setting which will switch the cooling system off completely

If you have a fridge freezer with a digital display, you can adjust the temperature at the touch of a button average temperature inside the fridge to be around 4°C to 5°C and the freezer temperature to be around -18°C.

If for some reasons your display is not responsive you can follow these steps to get it live again :

Hold down the “Energy Saving” and “Lighting” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds (or top left & right buttons). Your display panel should immediately return to normal.

Press “Power Freeze” & “Power Cool” at the same time for 10 seconds and the display should reset and come back on.

Hold the top left and top right soft touch buttons on the screen “power save” and “lighting” button and hold both buttons for about 8 seconds and it will reset.

Press the “Freezer” and “Ref” buttons at the same time for 8 seconds and the reset should work.

How wallapop increase App Install Conversion rate?

Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market app for Android devices. It allows you to buy and sell exceptional items in your neighborhood. Moreover, Wallapop is available everywhere to download and use for entirely free of cost.

Essentially, buying and selling, local on Wallapop is quite better than any garage sale, and it is opened for 24/7. Here are most supported cities:- NewYork, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Diego, & San Francisco.

Make Money by Selling those things which you Don’t Use!


Wallapop is the quite easy, fast and free platform which allows you to sell almost anything you like! All you need to do is just take a picture and list it on Wallapop, and that’s all. The product which you uploaded will instantly available to the buyers in your local area.

Discover & Buy Great New Stuff!

Wallapop lets you discover new stuff at reasonable prices. Everything available on the Wallapop is displayed according to how fast you can get them at your doorstep. You can chat with sellers, meet them locally and negotiate the prices if in case your seller allows you to do that.

You can make money and save money on exceptional items. Moreover, there are no delivery charges, wait times, misleading descriptions, time-consuming returns and much more. You can even find products according to the categories which include children, sports, electronics, smartphones, tablets and much more.

Strategies which will help you Increase App Install Conversion Rates for Wallapop!

Our strategy for increasing app install conversion rates for Wallapop is based on two overarching tests.

i) Focus on Redesigning the Product page.
ii) Focus on Optimising the winning store.

1. Focus on Redesigning the Product Page based on Best Practices within the e-Commerce Industry

Well, the goal of our first test is to get a quick win by completely redesigning Wallapop’s App Store Product page based on best practices.

Test 1:- Hypothesis

You can increase App Install Conversion rates by redesigning Wallapop’s first impression frame by four best practices.

i) Lifestyle & Feature-Oriented Design Strategy

Screenshots are the most impactful asset in an App Store Product page, and here we’ve classified screenshots into three overarching types, and these are- feature-oriented, lifestyle-oriented, as well as art-oriented.

Also, we have conveyed the app utility and raise interest as we have decided to utilize a hybrid design or lifestyle and feature-oriented aspects.

ii) Screenshot Captions

This test shows that the visitors do not spend a lot of time or effort in attempting to understand app screenshots fully. One more way to make screenshots more quickly intelligible, and enhance the odds that visitors absorb the messaging, is via adding short and precise captions.

iii) Panoramic Gallery

A panoramic screenshot gallery is often used to encourage users to scroll through the Gallery set. Panoramic galleries basically arouse concern as the visitors generally want to see the ‘entire’ image.

We decided to utilize panoramic Gallery images for the first two screenshots to create a holistic First Impression Frame that encouraged Gallery engagement.

iv) Branded Elements

One of the most crucial factors in App Marketing is designing marketing assets which speak the same language as a company’s brand. Now, to achieve this by you have to incorporate a brand’s logo and colors from a brand’s palette.

Test 2: Increase Exploration Rate and Optimise Gallery Conversion Rate

The second test was to optimize Wallapop’s App Store Product Page by implementing insights from the test while testing new messaging. More specifically, you have seen in experiment 1 that we were highly successful at converting Exploring Visitors. So here we have increased the exploration rate to convert more exploring visitors.


i) “Chat” Variation: Characterise app utility for the buyer by lifestyle-oriented screenshots will automatically increase your Gallery scroll as well as Decisive CVR.

ii) “Product Collage” Variation: Depicting app utility for both buyers as well as sellers by portraying inventory variety will enhance your Gallery scroll as well as Decisive CVR.

Results of Text 2

The Chat Variation will create the best First Impression in all the metrics, which lifts off the Decisive Install Rate by 12%. Moreover, you will get the hype of 2% in Exploration Rate, and you’ll get Explorer Install Rate by 14%.

Apart from this, if you’re using iPhone 5 & iPhone 4, you know that the screen frames are quite smaller which can cut out the parts of the First Impression Frame. The messaging in the First Impression Frame for the Chat Variation as well as the Product Collage Variation were not affected or harmed by the smaller screens; however, messaging in the First Impression Frame for the Control Variation was distributed.

Here are the changes which you can see to the First Impression Frame for the Control Variation on small screens are as follows:-

● The brand is not Visible at all.
● Application functionality is not precise, as both of the captions that explain it are pushed outside of the First Impression Frame.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, ASO or App Store Optimisation is a never-ending process. In this article we covered the essential points you need to take care of when designing and implementing an ASO strategy for your mobile app or game.

In the test, we have seen that keyword optimization is essential. So, always try to conduct in-depth research, come up with an extensive list of keywords. Moreover, you have to take care of the visual assets and the videos, as they play a significant role in the Conversion Rate to Install. Try to stay close to your customers and provide them the best in-app experience if you want them to leave positive feedbacks.

Does the above guide helpful? Now, if you still have any queries or suggestions then do enlighten them in the comment section.

Microsoft Removes the ‘Notch’


Image Credit – CKAB

Are you a gaming freak right from your childhood? If yes, you would have indeed played Minecraft quite often. But, do you know who created this game? It was from Marcus Persson.

Minecraft’s Creation

Marcus Persson, also known as Notch, created the sandbox video game Minecraft ten years back. It was released in the year 2011, by Mojang.
Minecraft allows the player to build with a variety of different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world.

Other activities in the game include exploration, resource collecting, crafting, and combat. In other words, this game allows its players to discover limitless ways of playing and creating things one can imagine. In this game, you also can build anything you think of, explore your unique world and interact with various other creatures.

took the world by storm with the help of its open-ended design. Since its release, it has attracted over 91 million active players of all age groups from almost every country in the world. After Tetris, this is reportedly the second best video game.

Acquisition of Minecraft

Microsoft is no guest to purchases. The company has acquired assets like LinkedIn and Skype. However, in its history of investments, the decision of obtaining Minecraft and its developer Mojang for $2.5 billion is the one that stands out.

While doing so in 2014, they only did see the vast potential. However, what it failed to see were the controversial tweets that were to come from ‘Notch’ and the founder of Minecraft developer Mojang.

The ‘Notch’ Controversy

While Notch left the company after the Minecraft deal, his tweets continued to upset and divide the fans of his popular game Minecraft. Persson, a polarizing figure on Twitter, is no stranger to controversy. He tweeted transphobic comments on some occasions like International Women’s Day.
Persson’s provoking tweets are not at all comfortable because Minecraft is a child-friendly game. The basic version of Minecraft carries an E10+ age rating in the USA whereas, it is considered suitable for children aged seven and upwards in Europe. It can be misleading for the Minecraft players who are too young to understand these.
Jokes have long been made about Notch. However, instead of being quiet and enjoying his billion dollar likes to put other people down and express his ideas of white male supremacy. He somehow manages to hold a vocal group of supporters who share his views, but many Minecraft fans out there wish he would go away.

Recent Update removes the ‘Notch.’

Given the controversy surrounding Persson, coupled with the fact that he presently has no real involvement in the latest developments to the title, it is easy to understand that Microsoft was looking to distance itself from Persson.

On opening Minecraft’s screen, a yellow text pops up. The text would display random messages, some of which read “Made by Notch” or “The Work Of Notch.”

The latest Minecraft APK update to hit the Java version of the game has removed the references of Notch from the yellow texts. This change was pointed out by a Twitter user last month. However, Persson is still referred to as the game’s creator in Minecraft’s credits. But as the game develops further, Microsoft will hopefully consider leaving the man behind as he has been involved in putting down people and holding the torch of white male supremacy.

The fans of Minecraft, who are not such great fans of Notch because of this racist, homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic comments on Twitter, expressed their happiness about this distancing of Minecraft from Notch.

Microsoft has turned Minecraft into more of a behemoth by entirely taking over the development and licensing of the game whereas notch has not had a hand in the game for years. Some of the Minecraft players who enjoy the game still regret playing a game made by someone like Notch, who has routinely espoused hate and intolerance online.

Oukitel U15 Pro to be worlds cheapest MT6753 phone?

OUKITEL recently announced that the U13 and K7000 will be in stock this October, with those two models now ready to go Oukitel have decided the time is right to announce another new model the Oukitel U15 PRO.

We can see from the renders provided that the Oukitel U15 PRO will come in at least three colours, silver, gold and rose gold.

The Oukitel U15 PRO has a 5.5″ HD display which has been sourced from Sharp and boats 3GB of RAM along with 32GB ROM which can be expanded with up to a 128GB SD card.

Power for the OukitelU15 PRO is provided by a Mediatek MT6753 Octa-core CPU, the phone will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box and sport a fingerprint reader, 16MP rear camera, as well as a 3000mAh li-po battery which will be provided by Chinese battery company SCUD Battery Co. Ltd who are known for their batteries high safety levels.

Whilst these are not cutting edge specs, they should be easily enough for most users day to day needs.

Having spoken to some of the guys at Oukitel, an intriguing bit of information has been revealed… Oukitel are aiming to make the Oukitel U15 PRO the cheapest Mediatek MT6753 device in the world.

Whilst the final price has not yet been released, there is hope that we will have a truly affordable device ready to purchase in the coming months and to give as gifts this Christmas.

For more details of the Oukitel U15 PRO head over to Oukitel’s site here, or feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Hopefully a review sample will be on its way to wirelesspixxa for a review in the not too distant future.

Regards wirelesspixxa.

ONEmicro speakers from ONEaudio Review

I have recently spent a lot of time reviewing bluetooth earphones, whilst many have been fairly good in terms of sound quality… non have delivered a true stereo soundscape nor have they managed to provide a full audio signal due to the limitations of the bluetooth protocols.

A similar problem is found when looking at Wi-fi speaker setups, latency becomes a factor and although minor the human ear can and often does pick up on the small delays it causes.

The effect of these delays and reduced frequencies is that the purity of the music and the depth that the original composition had can be left wanting.

When I heard about that ONEaudio had won both the CES Innovation Award

Unfortunately review funds do not quite stretch to the $4000 for their beautiful clear acrylic top of the line ONEclassic Audiophile series speakers, so I opted for the ONEmicro instead.

So what is it that differentiates the ONEaudio speakers from their Bluetooth and Wi-fi counterparts?

Back in the later part of the 1980’s the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) standard was formed, finding its way in to many communications devices across 110  different countries.

The DECT standard proved to be very effective as the 1.9ghz frequency range it operates in, is not shared by other wireless devices, providing clear and error free transmission.

As mentioned above it is the correct reproduction of a stereo sound stage that ensures listening is a true pleasure, until this point Audiophiles have always scorned the idea of wireless sound as channel synchronisation, time jitter and phase error between both the tweeter and woofer and also between left and right channels have been a big problem with Wi-fi and Bluetooth solutions.

However by using DECT for their speakers ONEaudio have managed to get channel synchronisations to within 0.5 uS, which is around 50 times better than WiFi, time jitter is less than 0.1ppm, which is about 10 times better than Bluetooth, but more impressive still, ONEaudio can manage zero phase error between tweeter and woofer and between left speaker and right speakers.

So thats the technical stuff out of the way, lets take a look at the actual speakers.

The speakers themselves are cylindrical in shape with a diameter of  62mm and sit 52mm tall, they are fairly weighty given there diminutive size, weighing in at 300grams per speaker.

The main body is split with the base being a harder white plastic that features the ONEaudio logo, above this is a clear plastic ring that allows the blue leds inside to show through, above this is a creamy white top section with a white mesh speaker grill on the top and a white rubber surface on the bottom.

On the bottom of the speakers you will find two buttons, one is the power and volume up, whilst the other functions as both a mode select and volume down control these are both recessed in to the speakers base.

Also supplied in the box is an aluminium USB DECT dongle that features the ONEaudio logo and an opaque end cap, the dongle is very nicely made and also has a few tricks up its sleeve, being able to connect with both PCs Macs and Android.

In order to get the speakers to work with your computer (works with both macs and PCs), you simply insert the dongle in to a free USB port and select it from the sound outputs on your OS.

To make the speakers work with an Android phone you need to connect using a USB OTG cable, an orange light illuminates on the dongle to show  that it is working, if like me you have a phone that has a USB Type C connector, you will need to buy a dedicated USB Type C OTG cable as the provided lead does not work with a micro USB to Type C adapter.

Next you need to power on the ONEmicro speakers by holding in the power button on the base of each speaker, a really nice touch is that each speaker identifies itself with a spoken prompt “I am on the right” or I am on the left” allowing you to easily place the speakers in the correct position.

Once I had the ONEmicro speakers connected I tried a quick demo that was supplied by ONEaudio, the file contains a properly phased sound of a dog barking.

It was really nice to hear the sample in action as it perfectly placed the dogs bark in the centre of the sound stage, making it appear to be in the middle of the two speakers.

Having played the sample on another set of bluetooth speakers, it was very apparent just how much is lost in quality due to the bluetooth speakers lack of proper phasing.

Next up came some real world music tests, first up came some classic trance tunes, I was truly amazed at just how much sound was coming out of the speakers (given their size), but it was not just the volume that was impressive but also the quality of the reproduction and the overall levels.

My next musical test for the ONEmicro speakers was with some classical music, the speakers handled it with fine results, placing the individual instruments and creating an immersive sound stage.

Bass was surprisingly decent for such small speakers, but if you like really deep bass an optional sub is also available to complement the ONEmicro speakers.

The next test was with video audio, I paired the speakers up to my Doogee P1 projector and played back 10 minutes of Starwars the force awakens.

One of the limitations of the projector was always its low audio output levels, but once paired to the speakers the experience became a whole lot more immersive.

If you were to take this combination away with you whilst camping or on holiday, or even using them in the garden whilst sitting having a few drinks you would not fail to be impressed with the portable home theatre that you have created.

Overall the volume and quality of sound for speakers of this size is truly mind bowing, with the added bonus that DECT allows perfect audio phasing to create amazing soundscapes.

ONEaudio have other speakers in their range as well as the ONEbox that allow 5.1 output over DECT for use in wireless home cinema setups, the boxes have various inputs including WiFi (for DLNA and airplay), Dongle, USB ram and toslink.

*The image shown above, is of the prototype casing and may not be representative of the finished product.

The ONEmicro speakers are available to purchase directly from ONEaudio for just $199.99 if you are looking for something that will give you the best sound for size, I would highly recommend the ONEmicro speakers, as whilst they are not as cheap as some bluetooth and wifi speakers the sound just leaves them in the dust.

I hope to be given the opportunity to test some of ONEaudio’s ONEclassic speakers which are currently available as part of a fully funded Kickstarter Project, if you are quick you can still get your name down for a set for just $1899, if they are audibly as good as the ONEmicro speakers, I can see a lot of music lovers moving over to DECT based speakers in the near future.

Bitboy review


The summer of 1998 – Years before the revolution of front-facing cameras and the duck-face pout, the Game Boy Camera was released in PAL territories.
Take photos of yourself, your friends, your dog; then maybe give them alien antennae and a pig snout, before putting a frame around it and printing it off, This was cool!

Unfortunately, unless you printed these off on the clunky Game Boy Printer and kept them safe, chances are they were doomed to be lost.

Without going through an arduous process of buying old PC components and trying to get your old copy of Windows XP to run smoothly long enough for it to work, there was no way to share your old photos with friends and family on social media, or simply ensure that your memories were preserved.

Flash forward to 2015, and news emerged that Alexander Bahr via his website were developing the BitBoy; a device that, once connected to your Game Boy, would provide a simple process of transferring photos from your Game Boy Camera straight to an SD card.

The process is achieved by essentially fooling the Game Boy into thinking that it is actually a Game Boy Printer that has been connected, and so the camera sends the file over to the BitBoy, which saves it as a .BMP file on the SD card.

Upon opening the package the BitBoy arrived in, it all seems very minimal – a jiffy bag, the BitBoy, a micro-USB cable, and a 4gb SDHC card. There’s not even a manual, but have one available as a free PDF file.

It’s all pretty straight forward and easy, but that manual explains any queries a user may have.

At the time of ordering, also gave the option to order a separate USB transfer cable with the BitBoy; in case yours was lost to the sands of time (or more likely stuffed down the back of a cupboard or trapped under your bed), saving the hours of searching that would ensue when it came time to rescue your old snaps.

This, along with the pre-packed micro USB charging/transfer cable means that you’re all set to rescue your pictures, even if you are without a card reader.

The whole process is incredibly simple; as it requires no more input than it would have done to print the images all those years ago – and in doing so, brings back a lot of fond memories of printing your photos off as stickers for yourself and your friends.

You insert the SD card into the slot on the side of the unit, connect your Game Boy using the USB Link Cable, make sure your Game Boy Camera is inserted, and power it up! At this point it’s almost like muscle memory navigating to “View”, selecting the image you want, and tapping Right on the D-Pad to select print (making sure you’ve added all the stamps and frames you want first!), and then admiring the little Teddy Bear running on the beach ball while the professor takes notes. Very Nintendo.

To import the photos onto your computer, remove the SD card from the BitBoy and insert it into an SD card slot on your machine – or if you don’t have that or a card reader, simply use the Micro USB cable provided with the BitBoy to turn it into one! The SD card will be automatically formatted into a file tree that is simply “Game Boy Camera”, “00000”, and then your images. From there, it’s a smooth process of drag & drop before you open them in your viewer or editor of choice.

As well as the photos taken from your Game Boy Camera, the BitBoy can also rescue your achievements from Super Mario Bros Deluxe, Pokemon Yellow, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and several others, meaning all of your medals and Pokedex entries are ready to be shared with the world once again!

The images appear at a tiny 24kb in size, and 160x144px in resolution; and while this is incredibly small by modern standards of digital photography, it’s absolutely possible to work with these in any standard image manipulation program to simply increase their size, or to play around with them in any way you see fit.

bitboy friends

The images are produced in black & white using the 4-color palette of the Game Boy system and this all adds to the aesthetic of the images and the charm of the process itself.

I recently used one of my BitBoy photos as my Facebook profile picture, and received many admiring comments and curious questions from friends!

bitboy luke

Initially the BitBoy was only to be built and dispatched to a very limited number of pre-order customers (myself being one of them), however it now seems they’ve opened the gates to any and all comers.

With a current price tag of $100 + postage for the BitBoy itself, and a further $15 for the Link cable (currently out of stock at the time of writing), anyone can get their hands on the device and start to fall in love with the Game Boy Camera all over again.

The combination of simplicity, compact design (the unit itself measures in at a tiny 5cm x 4cm x 1.5cm!), and the metaphoric value the BitBoy provides in giving new life not only to the Game Boy Camera itself but also your long-lost photos, makes the device a brilliant little addition to the Game Boy’s arsenal – rejuvenating one of the long-forgotten peripherals of a revolutionary gaming device.

More information on the GameBoyPhoto is available via their
Facebook or Twitter at: @Gameboyphoto

Or you can head over to BigCartel to get your order in now.

Hope you enjoyed the review, it should be the first of many game related reviews coming soon (including the EverDrive for Nintendo 64, that I am currently reviewing). If you have any questions, please fire away in the comments!



ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system on Kickstarter

You may remember my previous review of the ONEmicro wireless portable DECT speakers, they use DECT technology to ensure perfect timing between left and right audio signals over a wireless transmission.

For lovers of surround sound and multiple speaker setups, a new ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system Kickstarter project has today been launched (10/01/2017).

By using their proprietary DECT based encoding and transmission systems ONEaudio are able to provide a truly wireless 5.1 speaker setup.

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system hifi-audio

ONEaudio say that with the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system they are able to fill a room up to 350sqft with dynamic 3d bass filled sound, this is thanks largely to the clear and correctly phased sound provided by the compact sized satellite speakers and the use of proprietary bass filling technique and their own twin driver 6″ ported subwoofer (also wireless).

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system onebox-micro-music-server

The other part that makes up the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system is a console box that acts as a sound server, using wifi for wireless CAS (computer as source) as well as connecting android and IOS devices wirelessly.

Using the consoles onboard storage capacity you should be able to store around 600 CD’s worth of music on the device as well as Hi-Res audio files to give an even better sound to your music.

If you require more storage for your music collection you can simply plug in a USB stick, adding a cheap additional source of storage.

The console also has standard NAS functions built in to the box, supporting local and network access.

Hopefully with the ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system, ONEaudio will be able to produce a setup that works as easily and as well as their previous speakers did, I loved the ease of connection as well as the speakers amazing phased sound output, not to mention the portability afforded to them by their great battery life.

The best part for me is that I will be able to use my existing ONEmicro speakers in the setup, which should hopefully allow me to save money on the full setup.

I look forward to getting a chance to sample them first hand in the not to distant future, for now you can read the press release below and check out the Kickstarter campaign.

ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system ces-innovation-award-and-dect-award-innovation

If the full ONEmicro wireless 5.1 surround system kit is as good as the speakers they will surely be on to another winner! and given the fact they have now won awards at CES and DECT for the technology my hopes are set very high.

You can read the full press release below and check out the Kickstarter campaign here

ONEaudio To Launch Kickstarter Campaign For The world’s only TRUE wireless surround No speaker cable, no power cord, ONEmicro surround turns your room into your personal theatre ONEaudio, developers of the new generation of wireless audio, recently announced that they are going to launch their Kickstarter campaign on 10th Jan 2017 of the world’s only TRUE wireless surround sound speaker with a small size yet big sound.

Currently, the so-called “5.1 wireless speakers” always need at least one wire to operate. True wireless theater speakers have always been a dream, until now. Using award winning DECT technology, ONEaudio has been able to remove all the cables in ONEmicro surround, for a full 3D surround sound with a simple setup.

The ONEaudio speakers have a small size but have the ability to deliver powerful sound. ONEmicro is wireless and compact size, perfect for any room of the house. Due to ONEaudio’s proprietary bass-filling technique and twin driver subwoofer, the satellite speaker ONEmicro can generate big 3D sound covering up to a 350 square feet living room.

ONEmicro is the smallest speaker in the ONEaudio series that has been widely reviewed and acknowledged for its full-bodied vocal, crystal clear sound, excellent sound imaging, and solid bass. The clear and accurately produced sound is similar to listening a live performance. Before the ONEaudio’s DECT technology, no available technology has been able to provide both ultra-low power consumption and synchronized multi-channel transmission from source to satellite speakers.

Only DECT can fulfill these two requirements. ONEsurround has got CES Innovation Award and DECT Award Innovation. The console box in surround system is also a music server, ONEaudio has adopted WiFi for wireless CAS (Computer As Source), connecting an iPhone or Android phone to the console box. Without messy cables, the speaker system can be simply set up and tidied up in a minute, due to the compact console box and wireless speakers combination.

Less time setting up, more time enjoying. The console also has 600 CDs storage and accepts Hi-Res audio files. It also supports both local and remote access, and standard NAS operation. The ONEaudio speakers can also be used outdoors because the speakers can be detached from the console box and the connection can be switched to the USB dongle making them perfect for a garden party, or when camping.